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My Books Of 2016 And Reading Resolutions

    So, Goodreads generated this cool infographic of all the books I’ve read and reviewed this year. I thought I had a good handle on what I’d read, but turns out it’s possible to forget — I’d read far more than I thought!

    Looking at the list, I was pleased to see nearly two thirds of my reads were by women authors. I hadn’t set out to do this, but I like the fly the flag for female
    creatives over at my writing tips site Bang2write, so it’s pleasing my subconscious practices what it preaches.

    Intriguingly, I’ve read A LOT of books in which the protagonist has some kind of mental health issue – 12 of them!! From anxiety to post-natal depression, to obsessive compulsive disorder and self harm, it would seem creatives are doing their bit to shine a light on these issues.

    I’ve also not done too badly at finding books with diverse characters in – those ‘different’ to the ‘norm’. This may include characters who are disabled, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) and LGBT, but also characters of different backgrounds and cultures.

    However, I have done extremely badly at reading authors of colour this year. Granted, I don’t know the race of ALL the authors listed here, but you don’t have to be a genius to realise (probably) at least 90% of them are white.

    So, that’s my reading resolution for 2017 — read more BAME authors!

    If you know of any fabulous writers of colour who write crime fiction, do post your suggestions in the comments, or maybe theme them for a ‘Best of 3’?

    What’s YOUR reading resolution for 2017?

    2 thoughts on “My Books Of 2016 And Reading Resolutions”

    1. I love Lucy. (V. Hay) I get so much from your blogging and all the help you provide, all in the context of an expert, friend. This is so cool just from the level of organization you exhibit. I got so bogged down at the end of the year that I have only read 48 books. I will take some time today to really go through your compilation of work here. Thanks for all you give and 2017 is going to be better because I have found you.

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