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My Reading Pledge This Year – What Is Yours?

    At the beginning of every year, I like to think about the TYPES of book I’m going to read, not to mention the writers behind them. At the same time however, I don’t like my TBR pile ‘dictating’ to me either. Ultimately I only want to read books I’m genuinely interested in … whether that’s generally, or in the moment!

    So, this year, I am going to write down what I hope to read in advance … then come back and see how I did!! Here’s my Reading Pledge 2017 – will you join me?


    In 2017, I pledge to read at least five:

    • Writers of colour
    • Classic literary titles (or modern prize-winners, i.e. Pulitzer)
    • Non fiction titles
    • Fiction titles that aren’t crime, mystery or thriller (or classics, prize-winners or non-fiction!)


    Obviously some of these will cross over, plus some will prove easier than others. I already have quite a few writers of colour lined up from my current TBR, for example. I’m going to push for at least ten in that category.

    As for subgenere out of my comfort zone … I’d never been particularly struck on the notion of Nordic Noir, I figured ‘How different could it be?‘ but WOW! It and is and I love it! Making yourself try something new cannot be underestimated, IMHO.

    I started reading Nordic Noir because I noticed Orenda Books do a lot of translated fiction. I trust Orenda’s output (and not just because they’re publishing my book! I wanted them to publish mine BECAUSE I love their stuff). So, I need to find a new subgenre like Nordic Noir, but one I’ve never tried before … A challenge!!

    Will you be joining me with your own reading pledge for 2017?

    6 thoughts on “My Reading Pledge This Year – What Is Yours?”

    1. Sounds good, for crime sub genre, it isn’t a sub genre so to speak, but what about the view point of the killer? like normal by Graeme Cameron

    2. I have dedicated this year to extra big books. Door wedges I usually call them.
      The massive books with over 1000 pages.
      My good reads is 50.
      Wish me luck.

      1. Wow, you sound like you’ll be busy! I just read THE FIREMAN by Joe Hill – 747 pages, but didn’t feel like it. Loved that book.

    3. Last year I made my first formal resolution to read 24 books and finished 31. This year, I’m upping to 36 and have put them in genres as well. Most are classics or by classic authors (Jack London, Twain, Asimov). I’ve added three biographies and two political science books. Plus, I’m reading two plays by Shakespeare out loud when my wife isn’t around!

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