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My Year In Writing – 3 For 3!

    I’d been so busy with my drafts, edits and submissions for my novel, The Other Twin during most of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 that I’d resigned myself for not having anything published this year.

    But oh look – I couldn’t have been more wrong!!

    2016, for me, was the year of the short – with a novella published and two short stories selected for anthologies. Yay!


    First up, in July, my post-apocalyptic novella Skyjack was published as part of The Forgotten Women Series by Cannibal Films. This anthology is part of the storyworld of dystopian Brit thriller, Tear Me Apart and I was delighted to be picked along with three other talented writers as part of this project. To find out more about Skyjack, CLICK HERE and to read the first first chapter in its entirety, HERE.

    For Halloween, I got the best (creepy) present of all: my short story, The Retribution Of Elsie Buckle, published in Create50’s Twisted: Volume 1, but a BESTSELLER status kicking Stephen King off the top spot, too! Amazing.

    Finally, in December, my short story Love You To Death was published in the Dark Minds charity anthology by Bloodhound Books. This was a fab way to round off the year, for two GREAT causes. I ended up writing about two of my favourite subject matters: abusive relationships and a rural Devon backdrop. Find out more about how I wrote the short story, HERE.

    It just goes to show … You never know what’s around the corner!

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