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So, #Twisted50 is OUT NOW!

    So, TWISTED50 is published!

    ‘Twisted’ is a collection of 50 tales of wickedness, evil and the paranormal … A deliciously dark slice of contemporary horror literature. You can buy it, HERE and shelve it on Goodreads, HERE.

    To celebrate, you can now view the full-length red band trailer and meet the 50 disturbed minds (of which I am one!!) that will haunt your nightmares!

    I’m delighted my story, The Retribution of Elsie Buckle, was picked for this anthology. When I uploaded it to, it was only 500 words long and had been a short I’d been carrying around for years. It was just an experiment, to see if anyone liked it, tbh.

    I thought it was finished! But no – over another three drafts on the Create50 website and with the brilliant help and feedback of the community on there, it grew to almost quadruple its original size … It took even ME to places I never knew it would go, including a whole new character, plus a new title, location and ENDING! Wow!

    Check out the full-length trailer and get a flavour of the book:

    Amazingly, this has happened ALREADY:


    Not sure who that Stephen King guy is at number 1! 😉

    The next two weeks are REALLY important – we want to keep Twisted50 in the bestseller lists, so PLEASE help get the word out by buying and/or sharing on  your social media profiles, plus shelving it on Goodreads. Thanks so much!


    TWISTED50 is searching for stories for volume 2 RIGHT NOW – so make sure you check out the link above for details of how you can take part and submit your story.

    Stuck for inspiration? Then check out these SUPER CREEPY STORY STARTERS.


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