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Spreading Joy All Over The World: 100 Iconic Love Stories

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Maybe you love to celebrate this special day, or perhaps you feel it’s a crass commercial made-up holiday. Me?? I LOVE love, so I always welcome the opportunity to spread a little joy … and how better to do this WORLD-WIDE??

    GEditing have been in touch with this amazing infographic, detailing iconic love stories from different countries all over the world. They have also given an incredible overview of every single title on the list over at their website.

    So, if books are YOUR first love, then make sure you check out the titles below … I know I will be adding quite a few titles to my TBR List on Goodreads now!

    I must admit, I don’t read all that much romance, so I am not that well-travelled when it comes to this list! Here’s the ones I’ve read:

    • The Proposal (Wales)
    • PS I Love You (Ireland)
    • Far From The Madding Crowd (UK)
    • The Never-ending Story (Germany)
    • The Count Of Monte Cristo (France)
    • Othello (Cyprus)
    • Romeo & Juliet (Italy)
    • The Thorn Birds (Australia)

    Where have you travelled to? Let me know in the comments. Click on the infographic or HERE to read about the books. Enjoy!

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