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The Ultimate YA Quiz

    Following the success of last year’s Dystopian November, I’ve decided this month is YA MAY! It may surprise you, but when I’m not reading – or writing! – crime fiction, I love me a bit of YA fiction! I tend to prefer teen lit set in the real world, dealing with real issues and real problems (though of course I love a bit of dystopian YA, too!).

    In fact, I love YA so much, I even wrote a couple of YA novels! The Decision Series is a duology of books that confront a teenager with a dilemma and ALL the possible outcomes of that particular scenario:

    In The Decision: Lizzie’s Story, our heroine discovers she is pregnant and must work out what she wants to do about this situation — and it goes waaaay beyond *just* ‘have the baby, or don’t have the baby’! READ AN EXCERPT, HERE.

    In The Decision: Jasmine’s Story, the protagonist discovers she is the only one who can help her best friend, which might seem like a no-brainer … Until lots of OTHER BFF/frenemy stuff is factored in!! READ AN EXCERPT, HERE.

    Since I’ve read a lot of YA (and even written a couple myself!), I thought the quiz below would be pretty easy, but I just took it and got a TERRIBLE 3 out of 11 questions right!!! That’s just 27%. Supersadface. THE SHAME!!

    Just scroll down and click on the ‘ take quiz’ widget to take the test yourself.

    Let me know how YOU get on! 

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    The Ultimate YA Quiz
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