Top 10 Literary Tattoos

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1) Shakespeare

Look online for ‘Shakespeare tattoos’ and you won’t be short of inspiration … this one was our favourite.


2) Roald Dahl

Matilda is quite the heroine for young girls everywhere … so it’s no accident many grow up with this strong female character LITERALLY under their skin!


3) Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland

You might be late for a very important date … but that’s okay, if you’re ‘entirely bonkers’! 😉


4) JM Barrie’s Peter Pan

This minimalist, cute design is great for those occasions you want to show it off …


5) Adrienne Rich

Hey, don’t we all like to think we’re ‘thinking’ people?


6) Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

King has written so many books, but look online and you’ll see his Dark Tower stories have inspired the most tattoos.



7) Anais Nin

This is a great reminder – not only to fellow writers, but people everywhere.


8) Carl Sagan

We’re with Carl … books ARE magic!


9) Boooooooooks!!!

If quotes aren’t your thing, that’s okay – just show you’ve got books under your skin with these great designs.




10) Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

This fevered lament of Plath’s works so well as a motivator, or a way of pushing through bad thoughts and negativity — it’s no wonder it’s one of the top literary tattoos online.


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