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Top 10 Things That Inspire Me As An Author

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    One question writers get asked ALL THE TIME is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ My answer is always, ‘EVERYWHERE!’ 😀 However, there *are* things in my day-to-day life that inspire me indirectly … From places to food, I find living a relaxed life surrounded my favourite things always helps me relax and/or enjoy myself, which means I can get my writing done.

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    1) Animal

    Cats! I have five of them at the moment, ranging from kitten to golden oldie. What I love about cats is they’re the perfect pet – they’re there for strokes and look cute and have great little personalities, but they make themselves scarce a lot of the time! You don’t have to walk them or wash them, they do that stuff themselves.

    2) TV show

    Wentworth Prison. I was a big Prisoner Cell Block H fan as a girl; I used to set the alarm for late at night so I could get back up to watch it (no red button or catch up in those days!). I love the new version, it’s so modern and gritty, whilst retaining all the cheesy fun of the old version.

     3) Film 

    I have so many favourite films! The classic has to be Alien. It was one of my favourites back when I was a kid and started me on the road to my interest in female leads via Ripley.

    4) Meal

    I never say no to steak and chips … But I also love Eggs Royale (Eggs Benedict, but with salmon). I also love Tortelloni. One of them!

    5) Dessert

    Pecan pie and a bucket of coffee go so well together!

    6) Holiday destination

    I love Lynton and Lynmouth, on the North coast of Devon. We don’t live far – about 40 minutes away! – but I gladly go there, either for day trips or even for a week at a time. It’s a gorgeous little place and has its own Victorian cliff railway. It also has a great fish and chips place at the bottom of the cliff and a fab little vinyl café in Lynton, where you can get a great coffee and listen to Pink Floyd!

    7) Town/city

    I love where I live, Tiverton. There’s always something going on for the kids and it’s a pretty little place, down in the hills surrounded by lush green hills. There’s also loads of writers here amazingly, either living in town or nearby, so there’s plenty going on for us scribes too! I’ve lived in big cities with less culture!

    8) Breakfast cereal

    I’m not a big cereal eater. I don’t eat breakfast much, to be honest. I know that’s naughty – most important meal of the day and all that – but it seems a hassle. Would rather eat something for elevenses instead.

    9) Item of clothing

    I love long maxi skirts, especially patchwork ones. Also vintage scarves, with lots of lovely tassles. I’m just a big hippy, really!

    10) Childhood toy

    I adored cuddly toys as a child. I collected them by the dozens from jumble sales and charity shops, plus relatives were always giving them to me. There was hardly any room for me in my bed, I had that many in there with me. I still love cuddly toys, but my two girls have stolen most of them, the blighters!


    11) Memory

    When I was a single mum, a mouse got into my flat. I shut the door and left my cat in there with it. A couple of hours later, I went back in and my cat seemed pretty pleased with herself, plus the mouse was nowhere to be seen, so I figured she’d got it. I left it at that.

    The next morning, I was putting my boy’s shoes on – he was about five – and he kept complaining there was something in his shoe. He was well known for his delay tactics before school, so I just tried to shove his foot in. He kept complaining so I said ‘For God’s sake! There’s nothing in there!’ and tipped the shoe upside down – AND THE LIVE MOUSE FROM THE DAY BEFORE FELL OUT! We were both screaming as it ran all over the sofa and the cat sauntered back in, completely oblivious.

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