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Top 10 Twins In Books And Movies

    The lovely Donna at the Chocolate N’ Waffles book blog has been spotlighting Orenda Books all this month … So, as my debut The Other Twin is out with this great publisher this year, I thought I’d write her a guest post!

    You can view the original post, HERE and follow Donna on Twitter as @choconwaffles. Enjoy!

    So, The Other Twin is out this July with Orenda Books (SPOILER – twins figure highly in the plot of my book … though you probably guessed that!). I’ve been obsessed with twins and multiple births my whole life – I’m even married to a triplet!! – with this in mind, I thought I’d take a look at my top 10 twins in books and movies. Check these out for size:

    1) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. GG is a marmite book and predictably I loved this story of sociopathic marital vengeance! But one thing many people forget is there is a pair of twins in this story – Nick and his sister, Go (short for ‘Margot’). I loved the relationship between them, especially as Go always tried to appeal to Nick’s logical side … and we all know how THAT turned out! Read my full review, HERE.

    2) The Grady Twins in The Shining. I don’t remember if they were in the book or not, but conversely they only get a small part in the movie, but it’s one of the most memorable moments in the entire film! As young Danny rides his tricycle down the labyrinthine hallways of The Overlook Hotel, he stumbles upon a pair of (dead) twins. It gets even creepier when they say: “Come play with us, Danny”! Eeeek!

    3) The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig. Set in a dystopian and primitive future, after a nuclear holocaust, everyone is born with a twin: the healthy one, perfect in every way – the ‘Alpha’. The second is the ‘Omega’ – born with a deformity, big or small. This new society is an uneasy apartheid, because if one of the twins dies, so does the other. This was a fascinating idea and I could definitely see it as a movie – Dreamworks have bought the rights! Read my full review, HERE.

    4) Jessica and Elizabeth, the Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal. If you were a teenager in the 90s like I was, you’re bound to have read at least one of these books! The stories are centered around Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, two identical blonde Californian twins, who argue, occasionally swap, and compete for boys. Of course, they’re complete opposites: Elizabeth is responsible and diligent (and frankly, a good two shoes!), whereas Jessica is hot-headed, popular, sexy and  well, a bit devilish. Girls just wanna have fun, don’tcha know!

    5) The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell

    When her twin sister Abigail goes missing, Olivia becomes mute … and only Detective Jennifer Knight can find her! I loved the spooky, rural backdrop of this story – it reminded me of growing up on Exmoor when I was a kid. Read my full review, HERE and you can read an interview with the author, Caroline Mitchell, HERE.

    6) Tweedle-Dum And Tweedle-Dee, the Alice in Wonderland books by Lewis Carroll. Perhaps two of the most iconic characters from the Wonderland storyworld, I think Disney’s depiction of them are the best. I loved their song as a child and the way they’d ‘beep’ when they hit or jumped on each other! Other incarnations – such as the Matt Lucas creepy eggs in the most recent movie version has me screaming for the hills! Yikes!

    7) Luke and Leia, the Star Wars Trilogy. Probably the most famous pair of twins in the universe! I know male/female pairs can’t be identical, but even as a kid I always thought it was weird Luke and Leia don’t look *remotely* alike. But then if that’s the weirdest thing I noticed about Star Wars, I suppose the filmmakers have done a good job!

    8) Sam and Eric,  Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The original Jedward, so few boys on the island can tell these lads apart they get referred to as ‘Samneric’. They’re not main characters as such, but bystanders whose inaction makes them complicit in the terrible crimes that go on … A stand-in for the reader, in effect.

    9) The Weasley Twins, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Probably the most beloved twins in all of recent literary history, these guys are  confident, funny and stars of the school – showing, once and for all, gingers DO have more fun!!

    10) The Ice Twins by SK Treymayne. Since I love twins so much and this story is set partly in Devon, this was a total no-brainer of a read for me! When one of their twin daughters, Lydia, dies in an accident, Angus and Sarah are faced with a haunting scenario … their remaining daughter, Kirstie, insists they have mistaken her identity — she is in fact Lydia! I LOVED this concept and the storytelling here is really visual. Read my full review, HERE.

    Which of these are YOUR favourites? Have I missed any others out?

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