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Wee Girl Reviews: Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy?

    Wee Girl Reviews

    My daughter Emmeline, aka ‘Wee Girl (2)’ is 6 years old. She loves Maths, YouTube, dancing and Tae Kwon Do. She also likes baking, her giant toy caterpillar Frankenstein and cats.

    Emmeline is a reluctant reader, so I’m happy to partner with AuthorRight to start a new feature, ‘Wee Girl Reviews’. In this feature on the blog, we will read picture books together, so Emmeline can give her opinion on them.

    First up is Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy? by T.K.R.

    The Book

    Have You seen the Sleep Fairy? is the story of a sleep deprived mother and father who are rescued by this shyest of fairies, who only comes out at night when all the children in the home are asleep. She helps children get into the habit of sleeping through by leaving tiny items of interest under their beds for a few days until she can trust them to sleep through on their own. This sweet story is simply told by the author and beautifully bought to life in this new illustrated children’s story. Get your children into the habit of sleeping through by reading The Sleep Fairy to them and applying the idea to your family routine. Here’s to you and a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Buy the book HERE, or click any the pic of the book cover at the beginning of this post.

    Emmeline’s Review

    We read the book several times together. The first time I read it; the second time I asked Emmeline to sound out various words; the last time Emmeline read the book to me. Here’s what she said:

    ‘It’s got a question for the title – you can tell, because there is a question mark.’

    ‘The dinosaur sticker in the book looks like the one from Pepa Pig.’

    ‘The sleep fairy puts a kind of glitter in your eyes to make you fall asleep … In real life, this is when you get EYE SNOT!’ (laughs)

    ‘I like sharks too, just like the sister in the story.’

    ‘The colours in the pictures are really nice.’

    ‘I like this story A LOT!’

    My Review

    Like Emmeline, I love the colours in this well-illustrated, effective story. The advice for parents here is so simple, yet really well thought out … And doesn’t lecture children, which means they learn to relax to bed without feeling like they’re being told off. Genius!

    The language used here is simple and kids can read it easily, even if they are reluctant readers like Emmeline. I also liked the fact there were four children in the story. I grew up as part of a big family, yet rarely saw families in stores with more than two kids in them. The brothers and sisters are well differentiated, too without being overly complicated.

    What’s more, Emmeline loved the idea of a sleep fairy and before I knew it, I was buying stickers to put under her bed so she could find them in the morning too. Though Emmeline has never been a poor sleeper, her elder brother and sister never slept through the night for YEARS … I wish we had had this book back then!


    Highly recommended. Kids and parents alike will love this sweet story. It’s relevant and offers simple, effective help for sleep-deprived parents everywhere that will appeal to kids, too.

    About The Author

    Living in Chelsea, London with his wife and four children author T.K.R is no stranger to sleepless nights. When not writing children’s books, he runs his own business, Captivate Marketing (Pty) Ltd which focusses on the tools and tactics associated with amplifying his clients’ global brands.

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