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Wee Girl Reviews: Scampy Doodle & The Reindeer

    Wee Girl Reviews

    It’s time for a seasonal ‘Wee Girl Reviews’! My daughter Emmeline, aka ‘Wee Girl (2)’ is 7 years old and a tiny book blogger. Emmeline loves picture books, so reads to me at bedtime so she can practice her reading and comprehension.

    Since the last instalment of Wee Girl Reviews, Emmeline has been VERY busy. She has been in a show with her dance troupe, made Christmas cards and joined the gymnastics team. She can’t WAIT for Santa to come!

    About The Book

    Scampy Doodle And The Reindeer is by GJ Barnes and is illustrated by Chris Sorensen. Here’s the blurb:

    Scampy Doodle is a happy go lucky black dog who has a strong nose for adventure.

    It’s Christmas Eve and Scampy Doodle is fast asleep when he is woken by a strange noise coming from the chimney. Discover what happens when he goes to investigate and gets the greatest surprise of his life!

    Emmeline’s Review

    ‘I liked the pictures – Scampy’s eyes are really big, so are his ears.’ 

    ‘You shouldn’t leave whiskey for Father Christmas. He has to drive!’ (Or fly).

    ‘In real life, his tail would be wagging.’

    ‘The word Santa Clause always makes me think of ‘subordinate clause’.’ (!!!)

    ‘I like Scampy’s bone collar the best.’ 

    ‘I love the fact Rudolph is in it!’ (She starts singing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer).

    My Review

    I thought Scampy Doodle And The Reindeer is a good choice for the holiday season. It’s that little bit different and I enjoyed the pictures as much as Emmeline. She was able to read it to me without any problems. There are plenty of conversation starters and recognisable elements, such as Rudolph.

    I loved the idea of Scampy putting his stocking up too for Santa, though it did make me feel guilty – we have 5 cats and I have never once left a stocking out for them. Oops!


    Scampy Doodle And The Reindeer is well-thought-out and colourful. It’s a good choice for little ones and the reluctant reader. BUY IT HERE. 

    From The Author

    ‘As my daughter got older we used to (and still do) tell each other stories in the car about our family dog Scamp. Scamp had been neglected as a puppy and was rescued by my parents and became our family pet.

    He was a little bit crazy (he used to try and get up on the table to lick up crumbs after a meal) but he was always happy to see you and always there for a cuddle whenever anyone needed one.
    In many ways he was more like a human being, standing up on his back legs, drinking cups of tea out of a cup off the coffee table.

    So I decided to write some of our stories down to share with others, the first one being Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer.’

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