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    Wee Girl Reviews

    We have been sent a LOT of picture books lately, which is great for us as we love them. For those of you who don’t know, my daughter Emmeline, aka ‘Wee Girl (2)’ is 7 years old and a tiny book blogger. We read picture books together at bedtime, so Emmeline can practice her reading and comprehension.

    Emme has been swimming with her Dad this week and jumped in the deep end by herself! She is also very excited about going to a sleepover with her friends this weekend.

    About The Book

    An award-winning picture book that will get little ones excited about science.

    While building a unique sandcastle, Cora and Manny spot a rather curious insect.
    Soon, the little scientists keep a watchful eye on the insect’s movements, while learning about the natural environment along the way.

    A great book for STEM education and home-school projects or just curious little ones who love science. Book extras include fun, printable activities related to science learning and research.


     Emmeline’s Review

    Here’s what Emme said about The Beedog:

    ‘The Sand Wasp is building a sandcastle to live in.’

    ‘Manny looks like a Mummy! I love Halloween, it’s my favourite.’

    ‘Cora uses her detective skills.’

    ‘I like the pictures a lot.’

    ‘I like all the facts – especially the scientific names.’

    ‘1707 was a LONG time ago!’

    ‘I didn’t know anything about sand wasps before.’

    My Review

    I normally roll my eyes at picture books that claim they are both ‘fun’ AND ‘educational’, but The Beedog really is! Whilst it takes a little long to get going, once the two characters have seen the ‘beedog’, it really plunges the reader not only into the meat of the story, but the learning objective as well. I thought it was great how the author uses internet searches to help illuminate what the insect was. This is especially relevant to small kids like Emmeline, who are used to searching online and have always seen it as part of their ordinary life.

    What’s more, I didn’t know anything about sand wasps either! I actually found out scientific facts along with Emmeline, plus the resources in the back of the book were especially interesting. The inclusion of stuff like the scientific names and ‘your favourite wasp’ were well thought out. |The printable activities are great, too. I feel like I learned something new whilst reading with Emmeline, which hardly ever happens. Excellent stuff.


    The Beedog is an educational, but nevertheless fun book that both kids AND adults can enjoy together. Very much recommended. BUY IT HERE.

    Author Bio

    Addie Broussard is an avid traveler, and once went on a solo journey to fifteen countries in one year. When she encounters something unique, she writes about it. Her first published picture book, The Beedog, is about a curious insect that she found in southern Portugal.

    Addie began her writing journey when she was just nine years old, with a book called Doggienauts. That book has been updated and is set for publication in 2018. Addie is originally from the United States and is currently a full-time traveler. Home is where her suitcase is.

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    1. Thank you Lucy and Emmeline for reading The Beedog. So glad you enjoyed it and felt the blend of education and fun worked well. The research into the different wasps was very interesting. I guess you could say I “bugged out” with that aspect of developing the book. 🙂

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