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Who Is YOUR Favourite YA Author?

    So it’s YA May and one of my reading buddies asked, ‘Who is your favourite YA author?’

    I didn’t even pause to think! For me, there’s only one definitive YA author and that’s Sarah Dessen. Her novels set in Wildflower Ridge are my absolute favourites. I love how relevant her stories of dysfunctional families, teenage angst are, plus the idea that ‘behind closed doors’ all is NOT what it seems.

    My favourite of Dessen’s is probably Along For The Ride. Auden’s teenage loneliness, plus the beach town storyworld in which she lives feels really authentic to me. It’s one of the few books I’ve read more than once, too!

    If you know Dessen’s work, why not try the quiz below – just scroll past the pic for the ‘take quiz’ widget. And if you’ve never read one of Sarah Dessen’s books?? START TODAY!!!

    Goodreads Quiz
    A Sarah Dessen Fan Quiz
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