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Why Coffee Helps Me Through The Day

    Today, just a little something fun … When I asked my blogging, writing and publishing friends what their favourite reading and writing products are, I was expecting gadgets, stationery, software … But today we have publishing assistant Emma Mitchell in praise of coffee! Gotta say, I agree with everything Emma says – I’m a serious coffee addict too. Enjoy!

    I don’t even snooze my alarm clock before my brain is begging me to feed it coffee.


    It’s kinda crazy but I need that caffeine hit in a morning. It did just used to be in a morning. I never drank coffee during the day, always tea and mainly because most places I worked never had the kind I liked and it was easier to stomach cheap tea than it was cheap coffee.

    Then I started working for myself. From home. In an office (dining room) next door to my kitchen. Which housed the nice coffee. The lovely, gorgeous, NOT cheap coffee that I love.

    Now I have a constant supply of the good stuff, I don’t think I could get through the day without it.

    As I said before, I think about coffee in that fuzzy stage of the morning before I’ve fully realised I’m actually awake. I hit snooze and am already half way down stairs to fill the kettle. I very rarely even go to the bathroom before I’ve had my first fix in a morning! And don’t even dream about talking to me until I’ve finished that first cup. Even then, only do so if it’s an emergency, otherwise wait until after cup number two!

    Since I started working in the publishing industry, I can spend up to fifteen hours a day at my desk and not even notice it. Having a range of things of things to do certainly helps, I write my blog posts, write books reviews, research and interview authors, organise blog tours and book publicity and then, of course, there’s the editing. I love it! I used to love my sales job too but there was no way on this planet that I would ever have done that for fifteen hours a day without at least a ten-hour nap. I kid you not!

    It’s with this in mind that I can only attribute my new superpowers to the coffee. I reward myself for finishing a particular task with a cuppa. I egg myself on internally by promising myself another coffee when I’ve completed this, or finalised that … You get the drift.

    I cannot express the value caffeine has added to my productivity. I genuinely think there is a link between the level of creativity I now possess and the copious amounts of coffee I drink on a daily basis. Sales is a ‘fact’-driven industry, once you know the facts, you can’t really go wrong, and as much as editing is fact-based, there is a LOT of creativity required to succeed in the world of publishing, which is something I would NEVER have called myself. Creative – not me! I was the one with the spreadsheets and the lists and the certain ways of doing certain things (think Monica in Friends) now in my coffee fuelled state I am more like Phoebe than I ever thought I would be.

    I love coffee.

    It makes me warm for a start (I am ALWAYS cold) so warming my hands up around a certain cup first thing in a morning is wonderful, it wakes me up, it brings me round, it stops me flagging when I could potentially nap, it revitalises my juices, and gets the old grey matter whizzing with new ideas and I bloody love it.

    I even take a cup to bed with me, and still manage to fall asleep with no problem if I’m tired!

    So, to sum up: coffee is great, coffee is wonderful and if I could have it intravenously administered on a daily basis, I would. FACT!

    BIO: Emma Mitchell is a freelance publishing assistant and PR person. Check out her blog, HERE and LIKE her Facebook page. Contact her about her services on Twitter as @EmmaMitchellFPR and instagram as @emitch101.

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    1. Gosh! I sound like I need an intervention!

      Cup four is on its way now as I slept in this morning!

      ☕ cheers folks!!

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