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Be Featured On This Site!


Want to be featured on this blog?

I currently have three ways of being featured on

Criminally Good

Criminally Good is an interview feature for crime, mystery and thriller authors and screenwriters.  I ask writers the same 5 questions, which you can answer in as much or as little detail as you like! So far we’ve had veteran writers like Peter James, Paul Finch, Stephen Volk and Jed Mercurio, as well as top new blood like Sarah Hilary, Ava Marsh, JM Hewitt and Sam Carrington. We also welcome self published and indie authors. Find the questions for your answers HERE and fire at will!

Best of 3

All welcome on Best of 3 – book bloggers, authors, writers, readers, you name it! Simply recommend your 3 favourite crime, mystery and/or thriller novels for this feature. These could be your most recent fave reads, classics/all-timers, or even based around a theme you choose. Find all the details, HERE.

Guest Posts

If neither of the above appeals, I am always open to guest post pitches. Ideas for guest posts may include (but are not limited to):

Please email me HERE or via bang2writeATgmailDOTcom.

Please note: As a reading blog, this site does not carry articles about essay writing or ‘how to write’ posts.  Many thanks.

Looking forward to hearing from you!