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BEST OF 2017: My Police Procedural Picks

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    I’m not usually ‘big’ on police procedurals. This is not because I don’t think they’re good, but because they’re frequently series and given I like to read as many different authors as possible, I have a commitment problem!!

    But these are all book 1 of new police procedurals, they all had SOMETHING about them I just couldn’t resist. Here’s why …

    1) Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

    It was IMPOSSIBLE not to notice this one in 2017, it seemed to be ‘everywhere’ after it won the prestigious Richard and Judy Search For Bestseller contest. As reading prize-winning novels was part of my 2017 reading reading pledge, I’d already added it to my Goodreads when the author Caz Frear popped up in my own feed, saying she’d read The Other Twin and liked it! It was like fate, so that very day I downloaded this book.

    All I can say is … Wow! I LOVED this. The lead protagonist Cat Kinsella is a brilliant take on the character I call ‘Millenial Girl’ and I loved the various references to the nineties and early 00s the author makes to Kinsella’s childhood. I also loved the twist on Kinsella’s own ‘Daddy issues’, especially given the intrigue surrounding the cold case and how Kinsella is, at best compromised and at worst, implicated herself. Definitely one to watch and I will be returning to this series for sure.

    2) Lonely Hearts by Gwyn GB

    I’ve known Gwyn through my (principally) screenwriters’ platform Bang2write for some time, but had somehow missed she’d taken to writing novels as an indie author! When she asked me to read her novel, I don’t mind admitting I was a little worried. What if I didn’t like it?? Friendships – online and otherwise – have gone South for less. After all, our books are our babies!!!

    So I took the coward’s way out and told Gwyn I would if I could get round to it … But then I told one of my girls to pick me a book (which is usually how I pick reads from my TBR) and she picked this one!!! It seemed like fate, so I knuckled down.  I needn’t have been concerned. From the cover through to the characters and the impressive plotting, Lonely Hearts is a cracking read. I loved the mystery and intrigue, plus the update on the ‘Lonely Hearts Killer’ idea, using a male victim instead, made it feel fresh and modern.

    Best of all though is DI Falle, who is neither what I would call a ‘kickass hottie’ or a perfect, misery-laden ice queen. She feels human and real. So refreshing! This book deserves MANY more readers, so make sure you add it to your TBR pile today.

    3) Rattle by Fiona Cummins

    This one came HIGHLY recommended by Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books, so I knew it must be good – and I wasn’t disappointed! Rattle is a TERRIFYING read, with so much going for it: the three dimensional characters; the tight plotting; the enigmatic, lean language choices – just fantastic. Most of all however, The Bone Collector is SO plausible and even – dare I say it – empathetic, in a completely psychopathic way!!! As a script editor I read A LOT of psychopaths and this one is one of the freshest and most realistic I’ve seen in years. Definitely worth a read.

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    Happy reading!

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