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INFOGRAPHIC: 12 Books to Read Before You Die

    There’s so many classics, so little time … So WHICH examples of great literature should you read??

    When I spotted this infographic, I thought this was a pretty good list. Lots of these titles are readily available and often fairly cheap (especially on Kindle). All of them have left have a lasting impression on fiction AND culture, plus 12 titles is an achievable number to get through, particularly if you’ve not read that many classics before. I’d like to have seen more woman and people of colour on the list.

    Shockingly, I have only read half the titles on this infographic: Wuthering Heights; To Kill A Mockingbird; The Great Gatsby; 1984; Of Mice & Men and Frankenstein. All of them were a long time ago too, so are due a re-read. In keeping with my 2017 Reading Pledge, I better get cracking!!!

    Which ones have YOU read?

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