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INFOGRAPHIC: A Snapshot Of American Reading Habits

    I’m super-nosey, so I always love to know what other people are reading – which is why I love Goodreads. Seeing people shelve, read and review books virtually (plus where they are page-wise!) is fascinating to me, which is why I always share my own reading progress online.

    So when the good folks from GlobalEnglishEditing got in touch to share this infographic, I couldn’t resist a snapshot of an entire COUNTRY’S reading habits!

    My favourite part is the favourite book in all 50 states. I have been seeing The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck everywhere, so can’t wait to read it. I was also interested to see the most challenged books, especially given my interest in diversity in fiction, film and TV.

    Lastly, I was surprised to see Americans read less in 2017, than 2016 and wonder if the UK is the same? I was not surprised to see younger people read more than older people. People tend to wait longer to have kids these days and family commitments can mean there’s less time for reading. That said, more people live longer now, so I did wonder why retired people’s did not counteract this? Intriguing.


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