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Top 10 Book Genres To Get Your Teens Reading

    Teens And Reading

    If you want the teenagers in your life to test the waters of the reading world, you’ll notice that there are quite a few genres to pick from. Teens don’t want to be wasting their time.

    So, let’s start from the beginning. Before you start browsing for books for your teens, let’s define what kind of genres would be suitable for an inquisitive teenager.

    Considering everyone can be attracted to different types of stories, you want your teens to keep their mind s open. Explore the genres that provoke the best reactions among teenagers. There might be something for a ‘golden oldie’ like yourself as well. Let’s go!

    1) Fantasy

    Allow your teens to be taken to unforgettable places filled with magic and action. Their imagination could go wild as they read about fantasy stories of enchanting lands, realms, wizards, and various mythical creatures. If your kids liked books or movies about Harry Potter or Narnia, fantasy is the genre you should explore further. Many great books can draw teens into this genre such as the Camelot Rising trilogy, Vampire Academy, Rebel of the Sands series, and more.

    2) Young Adult

    Some readers resonate best with books they can relate to. That’s why this genre must be mentioned. Your teens reading about teenagers with similar struggles and high points to  can make them feel more understood. Go into the young adult/teen section of the bookstore with them and see what catches their eye. You won’t be disappointed. MORE: Top 10 Authentic YA Reads You Cannot Miss

    3) Adventure

    Feed your teenagers’ reading habit while also feeding their need for adventure. Fall in love with the stories of daring heroes who roam the world and tackle one challenge after another. The excitement, the bravery, and usually a touch of romance, that’s what you can expect. MORE: 7 Tips For Developing Your Reading Habit

    4) Classics

    Teens can spot a quality read, so you should get your hands on some classics for them. Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Leo Tolstoy, George Orwell, and others will blow their minds with their impeccable writing. This is an especially tempting genre for all teens who cherish a passion for writing. The classics can teach them a lot about the beauty and intricacy of the written word. MORE: 10 Sensational Classics To Read Right Now 

    5) Self-Help

    It’s not easy being a teenager. There is nothing wrong with admitting that. However, self-help and inspirational books can make it a bit easier. They can help your teens understand themselves better, feel more confident, and think more positively about the future. What’s more, they can help them live a happier life. If you don’t know where to start, check out You Don’t Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way, The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens, and The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens.

    6) Autobiographies

    Real-life stories can be just as intoxicating and inspirational as fiction. Why not encourage your teens to read about the lives of people they admire? Or, even people who you find intriguing. Their mistakes and successes can teach your kids valuable lessons. MORE: 3 Great Memoirs You Should Read

    7) Science Fiction

    Are your teenagers fans of sci fi shows on Netflix? If they fall under this category, they will love sci-fi books. Sci-fi books can in general be a good pick for teenagers as they inspire them to use their imagination. A growing imagination will boost their creativity. And that little spark that ignites creativity is always welcome. MORE: 5 Reasons To Love Science Fiction

    8) Romance

    Romance is an ever-present ingredient in all genres. However, standing on their own, purely romance novels can open up a portal to heart-warming tales. With some great teen romance books such as If I’m Being Honest and A Sky Painted Gold, your teens can indulge in love stories they can identify with.

    9) Thriller

    Do your teens want to read novels that will make it hard for them to put the book down? Then, you should consider adding thrillers to their collection. If they like crime shows and mystery movies, they’ll love thriller books. The suspense to know who’s the bad guy and numerous guesses they’ll make while reading will get them hooked on this kind of book. MORE: Top 5 Dystopias you Need To Read Right Now 

    10) Horror

    This may be not for everyone, but for some, it will be just what they’ve been looking for. Now, within the horror genre, you can aim for novels that are written for young adults. Among these novels, you can find Undead Girl Gang, Shutter, and Ten.

    Wrapping Up

    Have you spotted a genre that could be just the fit for your teens? I bet you did. Within the above-mentioned genres, you must’ve found at least two that could spark your kids’ desire for reading.

    No matter what genre you choose, you can’t go wrong. Help welcome reading in your teenagers’ lives and ensure they enjoy all the wonderful worlds and stories that books will introduce them to.


    BIO: Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at EssaySupply, an aggregator for useful college resources and websites. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

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