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Creating A Home Library That’s Just Right For You

    In a time where social media is all around, sitting down to read a good book might seem like it’s a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a home library is a great way to escape and get lost in a book. If you are an avid reader, you most likely already have a growing book collection, and this will allow you to easily keep up and display them.

    How to Create a Home Library

    While there is no right or wrong way to create your home library, there can be many questions on where to start. While this space is often thought to be solely dedicated to your book collection, it can also be used to work and study. It’s all up to the owner’s preference on how stylish and functional the area will be, so many of the designs will come from your taste.

    Here are a few tips to remember when creating a home library that works for you.

    Finding the Perfect Spot

    The first step to creating your home library is picking the perfect location to put your books on display. Are you looking to dedicate an entire room to this project or just a small nook in your home? Depending on the size of your collection will determine the best area for you.

    To picture what area will work best for you, here are a few spots you should put your home library and spots to avoid.

    Places to Avoid Putting Your Home Library

    Avoid putting your home library against outside walls. Outside walls are subject to change due to the temperature and will lead to the growth of mildew and mould. The mildew and mould will then spread to your books causing damage. Another area to avoid putting your home library near is food and drinks. Food and drinks can attract small animals and insects that may damage your book. So carving out an area in the kitchen may not be the best spot.

    Places to Put Your Home library

    If dedicating an entire room isn’t the route you are looking to take for your home library, there are alternate spots. Try creating an area under your bed to keep your books. Having them in this underutilized area is a great way to keep your books protected and out of the way. Another area where you can display your books is in a corner nook. Adding shelves to the corner nook will naturally contain your books to a designated area.

    Type of Shelving for Your Home Library

    This is the time to get creative. There are numerous shelving styles available that you can choose from. Here are four types of shelving.

    • Floating Shelves – These give the allusion that they are floating on your wall. The attachments for the shelf are hidden.
    • Corner Shelves – These shelves would be perfect for a corner nook, as they are specifically made to fit in a corner.
    • Hanging Shelves – These are similar to floating shelves. Each shelf is held up by hanging wall attachments.
    • Adjustable Shelves – These shelves can be moved vertically.

    How to Organise Your Home Library

    One of the last steps to creating your home library is figuring out how you would like your books organised. A few ways that you could organize your book is alphabetical order, chronological order, by colour, or by genre.

    After putting together a home library that’s just right for you, you will want to be sure your books are covered by your home insurance. This will ensure that your book collection is insured if damaged.

    For more tips on how to create a home library, check out the infographic below. Enjoy your planning!

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