The Dark Side of Social Media in THE OTHER TWIN

Something a little different today … Here’s an interview I did with the awesomely prolific Rachel Amphlett, author of the Kay Hunter Series (amongst others!). Make sure you check her books out. Over to you, Rachel! 1) Like me, you’re a huge fan of thrillers. What attracted you to writing in the crime/thriller genre? Was…

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BEST OF 3: Awesome diverse characters of all time

As a script editor for movies and short film, I noticed a long time ago there’s a kind of homogenisation of characters in stories. Too often, stories are white, male, heterosexual and abilitity-centric, marginalising all others as being representative of ‘issues’. It’s for this reason I wrote my latest non-fiction book, Writing Diverse Characters In…

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CRIMINALLY GOOD: interview with author Sanjida Kay

1) So, who are you and what have you written?  I’m Sanjida Kay and I write psychological thrillers. My first one is called, Bone by Bone, and is about a mother who discovers her daughter is being bullied and tries to deal with the bully herself…with tragic consequences. My second is The Stolen Child, which…

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My Top 6 Unlikeable Women In Fiction

This great link from Book Riot turned up on my social media feeds recently – 100 Must-Read Books With Unlikeable Women. It’s SUCH  comprehensive list and there’s plenty on there to add the TBR! As I’ve written before, I LOVE an ‘unlikeable’ woman (though I’d call them ‘enigmatic’, rather than unlikeable!!). My protagonist in my debut,…

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CRIMINALLY GOOD: Interview with author David Liscio

1) So, who are you and what have you written? I’m an ink-stained wretch, having spent more than twenty years as a journalist specializing in crime stories. My serial killer thriller Deadly Fare was published on Amazon in October and is available in both paperback and ebook. I’m currently working on another novel that involves…

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12 Questions For Ruth Dugdall (HUMBER BOY B)

This Q&A originally took place on our Crime, Ink Facebook page. 1) Is Cate based on anyone? She’s such a GREAT character. As you know, Cate is a petite (short!) probation officer with red hair…so far, so autobiographical. And of course I was able to use my working knowledge, and my fears, and put them…

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